Cycle Oregon Coast

Day 2 Manzanita to Pacific City

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When we woke up on day two there was a light drizzle coming down and the ground was totally wet.  We munched on a breakfast of pancakes and eggs with smoked salmon in them (yum, yum, yum).

 After breakfast we sat down and
figured what our options were for
the day.  We came up with 5.

  1. Ride the ride, but wait as long as
    possible for the rain to stop, we
    figured that would be around 2pm.

  2.  Skip the days ride and do a 100
    mile day later on the ride.

  3.  Skip the days ride and do a little
    extra each day.

  4. Find alternate transportation to
    Pacific City.

  5.  Or, just get on our bikes and ride.

 Keith went up to check on the North
Coast bus that runs between Astoria and Tillamook.  At 8:55 AM the phone in the cabin rang, it was Keith telling me there is a bus running to Tillamook with a bike rack for two bikes and then another bus running all the way from Tillamook to Pacific City, the catch, the bus leaves at 9:08 am, so we have 13 minutes to clean the cabin, pack and get to the bus.

 We scramble and did the best job we can picking up the cabin, pack, get our butts on the bike and get up to the bus in time.  We ask the driver how much to get to Tillamook and he says $2, we just laugh, put the bikes on the rack, climb in the bus and pay our $2.  As a hard drizzle continues all around us we were safe and dry on the bus headed south.

 A gentlemen got on the bus at the same stop as us in Manzanita who was obviously mentally handicapped and on his way to work putting lids on beef jerky jars.  At the next stop after Manzanita, which was Wheeler a drifter got on the bus, he had been walking for two days and covered the 44 miles from Astoria to Wheeler by foot.  A police officer in Wheeler had told him about the bus, so he decided to use it.  The guy seemed nice enough until he made a comment to the handicapped guy that he wore boots so that he can shove them up someone’s A**.  I decided at that point to stop talking to the guy for the most part.

 Part way to Tillamook the drifter asked the bus driver about how often the busses run.  The driver said that they run all day between Manzanita and Tillamook.  So I piped up and said that “you mean we didn’t have to rush to get the cabin clean?”  The bus driver smiled and looked in his rear view mirror and said “no, you didn’t need to rush, but I wasn’t going to tell you and make you feel bad.” At which point everyone on the bus cracked up with laughter.

 When we got to Tillamook we rode until we found some cover at a grocery store.  We had about two hours to kill before the bus to Pacific City, so we ran in, used the rest room and bought some food.  We then just sat under the cover and read our books and munched on our food.

 After about an hour of sitting there my butt started to get very tired, so I went back into the grocery store and purchased an 8 pack of cheap toilet paper and used it for a cushion.  When it was time to go to the bus I just left it there hoping that someone would find it, pick it up, and use it for it intended purpose. 

As we were getting ready to go climb on the bus to Pacific City the drizzle stopped, and we contemplated the act of climbing on the bikes and doing the last 23 miles under our own power.  Since we had not dressed in riding togs we would have needed to find a place to change, after an entire minute of thinking about this we decided to continue on the bus since the ground was still very wet.  This turned out to be a very good decision since we learned a very valuable lesson on that second bus ride.

 We had discussed earlier that we would just stay on Hwy 101 for the entire ride, and not use the alternate routes that the map suggested, which were planned parts of the coast bike route.  What we learned was that there was a reason the bike route went off the highway at points, and that was because the highway at points has absolutely no shoulder, the white line is painted right on the edge of the pavement.  If we had chosen to ride the second half of the day we would have been riding on a very busy section of wet highway and would have had to ride in the traffic lane because there was as I said absolutely no shoulder at times.

 As it turns out the bus driver who took us from Manzanita to Tillamook was the same driver who was taking us from Tillamook to Pacific City.  A very nice gentleman named Billy.  He gave us all sorts of good information along the way and even dropped us off by the hotels in Pacific City, which was not one of the regular stops.

 As it turned out we did not stay in one of the hotels he dropped us off by.  We decided to cruse through town, see what it offered and then make our decision on which hotel to stay at.  This once again turned out to be a good decision.  About a mile out of town was a very nice hotel call the Inn at Cape Kiwanda. A very nice modern hotel with a beautiful beach view and a brew pub right across the road.  As we arrived the sky totally cleared off and we began to feel guilty about not riding especially when we saw the green sleeves group roll into town.  We quickly got over those feelings sitting in our nice hotel room, in front of a gas fireplace with a beer in our hands.

 We went to the brew pub for dinner, and on the way back to the hotel I noticed a camera on the front of the hotel.  I wondered what it was, and Keith said it was probably a weather camera from one of the local news stations, and he was right, for sure enough a few days later as we are watching the weather on KGW channel 8 there was the same view we had from our hotel room.

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